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Glowing Snot Toy - Price: $0.40

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Product SKU: CS-JK8
Primary Collection: JOKES TRICKS AND MAGIC
Product Info:
  • 5 3/4 inches Long
  • Stretches up to 2 feet!
  • Sticky & Stretchy
  • Glows in the dark
  • Ages 3+
  • Ships from Missouri warehouse within one business day

Glowing Snot by! Achoo!!! Hide this snot in your used tissue and casually drop it on the ground in front of a friend. 5 3/4" long. Stretches up to 2 Feet! Sticky and stretchy. Glows in the dark. Ages 3+Looking for more laughs? With a wide selection of jokes, gags, and tricks you'll find what you need to play a prank on April Fool's Day or any occasion requiring a laugh. Fill party favor loot bags with classic joke toys and keep your guests laughing. Find more great items like this in our Jokes Tricks and Magic category here at Glowing Snot by is the perfect prank for any occasion! This 5 3/4" long snot stretches up to 2 feet and glows in the dark. Sticky and stretchy, it's perfect for kids ages 3+ to get a laugh. Ships from our Missouri warehouse within one business day. Find more jokes, gags and tricks in our Jokes Tricks and Magic category. 1 Piece Blister.

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