Swirl Slap Bracelets (One Dozen)

Sku: CS-JA523
UPC: 049392241431

  • Polyester Cloth
  • Psychedelic swirled color design
  • 9 in.L x 1 in. Wide
  • Metal bracelet with cloth wrap
  • Ages 3+

Details:Slap bracelets are fun and fashionable. Slap the swirl designed bracelet on your wrist and it folds up to wear. These psychedelic designs are perfect for any Retro, sixties or hippie inspired party. Fill up party favor loot bags to help guests remember what a groovy time they had. Size 9" L. x 1" W. Need an idea for an inexpensive party favor bag filler? Jewelry items are a great choice. We have the costume jewelry that will appeal to both boys and girls. Find jewelry suitable for dress up, pretend play or costume accessories. Product Highlights: Polyester Cloth, Psychedelic swirled color design, 9 in.L x 1 in. Wide, Metal bracelet with cloth wrap, Ages 3+.

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