Blast Off to Fun: How to Throw an Alien or Space Themed Party with! by John Nunley

Blast Off to Fun: How to Throw an Alien or Space Themed Party with!

Blast Off to Fun: How to Throw an Alien Themed Party with!

Are you ready for an out-of-this-world adventure? Get ready to host an epic Alien or Space Themed Party with the help of! We have a galaxy of alien-themed toys and novelties that will make your party a cosmic hit. From toy spaceships to astronaut figurines, our products will transport your guests to a universe filled with excitement and wonder. In this blog, we'll share some stellar ideas on how to throw an Alien or Space Themed Party using these fantastic tools and novelties. Let's embark on a journey to the stars!

Toy Spaceships (One Dozen)

Prepare for intergalactic adventures with Toy Spaceships (One Dozen). These plastic toy spaceships come in assorted styles and colors, measuring 2 1/4 inches in width. Whether you're planning to use them as party favors, classroom rewards, or carnival prizes, these toy spaceships are perfect for igniting kids' imaginations. Let your young astronauts explore the galaxy and go on exciting space missions with these fun and versatile toys.

Star Springs Toys (One Dozen)

Add a touch of cosmic magic with Star Springs Toys (One Dozen). These plastic star springs, measuring 1 3/8 inches in diameter, come in assorted colors and are sure to captivate kids' attention. Perfect for party favor bags, these star springs will provide hours of entertainment as they bounce and twirl in your young partygoers' hands. Watch as they bring a sprinkle of stardust to your alien-themed party.

Toy Rocket Kaleidoscopes (One Dozen)

Let your guests' imagination blast off with Toy Rocket Kaleidoscopes (One dozen). These 4-inch rocket ship kaleidoscopes are perfect for space-themed parties. With assorted colors and easy-to-use design, they provide endless visual fascination for kids of all ages. Add a touch of magic to your party and let your guests gaze at the universe in a whole new way with these mesmerizing kaleidoscopes.

Astronaut Toy Figures (1 dozen)

Launch your party into space with Astronaut Toy Figures (1 dozen). These hand-painted astronaut figurines stand 2 1/2 inches tall and come in various traditional poses. With sturdy bases that ensure they stand upright, these astronaut figures are perfect for pretend play, party favors, or even as unique cake toppers. They're a stellar addition to any space-themed event and will spark the curiosity and creativity of your young astronauts.

Alien Test Tube Slime Toy (1 Dozen)

No lab needed for these test tubes of fun! Alien Test Tube Slime Toy (1 Dozen) features colorful, stretchy slime with small plastic aliens encased inside. These 4-inch tubes of non-toxic fun are ideal party favors for kids aged 3 and up. Your young guests will be thrilled to get their hands on these slimy, space-themed delights, making your party truly extraterrestrial.

Toy Space Disc Shooters (pack of 12)

Reach for the stars with Toy Space Disc Shooters (pack of 12). These plastic shooters measure 4 1/8 inches in length and come in four assorted space-themed designs and colors. Easy to use, just load and squeeze, and watch as the discs soar through the air. These shooters are perfect for outdoor fun and can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Make your party a cosmic showdown with these thrilling disc shooters.

Space Theme Notebooks (Pack of 8)

Encourage creativity and jot down your space adventures with Space Theme Notebooks (Pack of 8). These plastic spiral-bound notebooks feature approximately 20 unlined pages and come in four assorted space-themed styles. They are perfect for doodles, notes, and drawings, adding an educational touch to your party favors. Inspire your young explorers to document their cosmic experiences with these space-themed notebooks.

Costume Space Warrior Chest Plate

Gear up for galactic warfare with the Costume Space Warrior Chest Plate. No space ranger outfit would be complete without this essential accessory. This classic design, measuring 15 3/4 inches tall by 13 inches wide, is suitable for ages 3 years and up. Whether for pretend play or as a party favor for your space-themed events, this chest plate will make your young adventurers feel like true space warriors.

Toy Space Helmet

Let your child's imagination soar with the Toy Space Helmet. This child-size helmet is made of white plastic and features an adjustable chin strap and a snap-down visor. With measurements of 8 inches tall by 7 1/4 inches wide by 9 1/4 inches long, it's the perfect accessory for dress-up games, pretend play, or completing a costume. Get ready to explore the unknown with this realistic-looking space helmet.

Astronaut Inflate Toy

Travel into space with your very own Astronaut Inflate Toy. This vinyl inflatable astronaut buddy stands 23 inches tall and is white and silver with detailed designs. Inspire your child's imagination as they embark on space adventures, whether in the backyard or at the pool or beach. It's also a great decoration for space-themed parties. This astronaut inflate ships from our Missouri warehouse within one business day and is perfect for ages 3 and up.

Toy Space Shuttle Inflatable

Prepare for liftoff with the Toy Space Shuttle Inflatable. Made of vinyl and measuring 17 inches in length, this white inflatable space shuttle features realistic detailing. It's the ideal size for small hands and makes a fantastic party favor for space enthusiasts. Use it as a prop for classroom history lessons on the space program or inspire your kids to imagine walking on the moon during pool and beach playtime.

Space Theme Paper Bags (pack of 12)

Send your guests home with goody bags that are "out of this world" using Space Theme Paper Bags (pack of 12). These paper bags, measuring 9 7/8 inches tall by 5 inches wide by 3 3/8 inches deep, are beautifully decorated with an image of our starry universe. Fill them with candy or other small party favors to give your guests a piece of the nighttime sky to take home. They are perfect for making your themed event even more special.

Toy Space Cruisers (One Package)

Explore the galaxy with Toy Space Cruisers (One Package). These 1-inch plastic cars come in assorted colors and styles, perfect for adding a touch of outer space excitement to your party. With 72 pieces per pack, they're ideal for carnival prizes, party favors, and classroom rewards. Whether your young astronauts are racing through the stars or embarking on cosmic adventures, these space cruisers will provide endless entertainment.

With this stellar lineup of alien-themed toys and novelties from, you're ready to create an unforgettable Alien Themed Party that will transport your guests to the far reaches of the galaxy. From toy spaceships to astronaut figurines, your young explorers will have a blast celebrating in a world of interstellar wonder. So, gear up, ignite your imagination, and get ready to host a party that's truly "out of this world!" Shop now and make your alien-themed party an epic adventure with