Eco-Friendly Yo Yo 12 Per Pack - Only $12.78 at Carnival Source

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Eco-Friendly Yo Yo 12 Per Pack - Price: $12.78

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Product SKU: CS-5203
Primary Collection: YO YOS
Product Info:

Up-And-Down Fun Meets Eco-Conscious Crafting With Our Eco-Friendly Yo Yo. Perfectly Sized With A 2-Inch Diameter For Young Hands, These Yo-Yos Are Made From Sustainable Wheat Straw. Each Pack Contains 12 Yo-Yos, Packaged In An Earth-Friendly Polybag. Ideal For Kids Aged 3 And Above, They'Re Not Just A Blast To Play With But Also Kind To The Planet. Teach Your Children The Rhythm Of Play And The Importance Of Sustainability With Every Flick Of The Wrist!

Advantages of Wheat Straw Plastic

Wheat straw plastic presents a fantastic alternative to single-use plastic items such as cups, plates, bowls, lunch containers, and more. Despite the term "plastic, " it offers a significantly more sustainable choice. Here are the key benefits you can enjoy by transitioning to wheat straw plastic:

Complete Biodegradability: Wheat straw plastic is entirely biodegradable. When composted at home, it breaks down in just three to six months. If processed through your local composting program, it decomposes even faster, typically within one to two months.

Low Energy Input: The production of wheat straw plastic requires far less renewable energy compared to traditional plastics, contributing to reduced environmental impact.

Safe for Daily Use: Wheat straw plastic items are dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and freezer-safe, offering convenience and durability in everyday use.

Recyclable: The material can be recycled to manufacture new products, further minimizing waste.

Promotes Sustainable Forestry: Wheat straw utilization for paper production helps reduce the need for extensive tree cutting. It utilizes agricultural waste effectively, supporting eco-friendly practices.

These advantages make wheat straw plastic a sustainable choice for both businesses and households. By embracing wheat straw plastic items, you can play a part in fostering sustainability and reducing your ecological footprint, contributing to a healthier planet and environment.

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