Panda Party Perfection: Ideas for an Adorable Panda-Themed Celebration! by John Nunley

Panda Party Perfection: Ideas for an Adorable Panda-Themed Celebration!

Panda Party Perfection: Ideas for an Adorable Panda-Themed Celebration!

Are you planning a panda-themed party and looking for fun and unique ideas to make it an unforgettable event? Look no further! At, we have a fantastic range of panda-themed toys and novelties that will add a delightful touch to your panda-themed celebration. From squishy pandas to panda notebooks, we've got everything you need to create a panda-tastic party atmosphere. In this blog, we'll introduce you to our top panda-themed products and provide creative ideas on how to incorporate them into your party planning.

Panda Notebooks Party Supplies (Pack of 8)

Kickstart your panda party planning with our adorable Panda Notebooks pack of 8. These compact notebooks, measuring 2.5" W x 3.5" T, come with approximately 15 blank pages and feature four assorted panda designs. These notebooks are ideal for making quick notes or drawings during your party games or activities. Use them as party favors for your guests, or include them in a panda-themed treasure hunt, where participants can jot down clues or findings. You can find more great items like these in our Panda Party Theme category at

Squishy Panda W/Glitter Eyes Toy (1 Dozen)

Add a touch of squishy fun to your party favors with our Squishy Panda with Glitter Eyes toy pack of 12. These adorable squishy pandas, measuring 3" tall, feature plastic glitter eyes that add an extra sparkle to your party. You can use them as party favors or even as decorations on your party table. Additionally, the plastic clips on these squishy pandas make them perfect as backpack clip collectibles. Include them in your party favor bags or hide them around the party area for a fun scavenger hunt.

Panda Ball Toy

Get ready for a game of catch with our Panda Ball Toy. This plush fabric-covered PVC ball is a cuddly 9" in diameter, making it perfect for panda catch. The ball comes deflated and can easily be inflated to an 8" diameter, suitable for ages 3 and up. You can incorporate this panda ball into party games like panda catch or panda bowling. Create a mini panda sports tournament with your little partygoers for an active and entertaining celebration.

Panda Rubber Bracelets Party Favor (1 Dozen)

Show your love for pandas with our Panda Rubber Bracelets pack of 12. These cute bracelets, measuring 7" L x 0.5" W, feature a 1.5" panda charm and are made of rubber. Whether you're using them as party favors or as part of a panda-themed costume, these bracelets are sure to be a hit. Have your guests wear them as they engage in panda-themed activities or games. You can even use them to identify teams or groups during the party.

Panda Pencils Party Supplies (1 Dozen)

Inspire creativity at your panda party with our Panda Pencils pack of 12. These 7.5" wooden pencils feature #2 lead and are suitable for ages 3 and up. Encourage your young artists to sketch their favorite panda scenes or create panda-themed art during the party. You can also use these pencils as prizes for party games or as parting favor gifts for birthday parties.

Panda Rubber Keychains Party Favor (1 Dozen)

Take your panda party on the go with our Panda Rubber Keychains pack of 12. Each keychain measures 1.5" in diameter, is made of rubber, and comes with a metal key ring. Your guests can show off their panda love by attaching these keychains to their backpacks or bags. You can also use them as part of a panda-themed treasure hunt or as rewards for party games.

Hatch & Grow Panda Toy (Bag of 12)

Add an element of surprise to your panda party with our Hatch & Grow Panda Toy bag of 12. Each panda measures 2.25" in diameter and 2.5" tall and comes with directions for growing on the box. Simply add the tree stump to water, and your pandas will hatch in 12-24 hours. Add new water to watch them grow to their full size in 48 hours. When they dry, they shrink back to their original size and can be used again. This educational and entertaining activity is perfect for ages 3 and up.

Panda Putty Toy (1 Dozen)

Get your creative juices flowing with our Panda Putty toy pack of 12. Each container holds 1.6oz of putty and comes in a 2.75" diameter container with a plastic snap-on lid. Available in three assorted colors (white, green, and yellow), this putty can be shaped and will melt back into goo over time. Incorporate panda putty into your party as a fun and artistic activity. You can even have a panda-themed putty sculpting contest, where participants create their own panda sculptures.

Panda Poppers Toy (Bag of 48)

Add an element of surprise and excitement to your panda party with our Panda Poppers bag of 48. These 55mm (2.16") diameter rubber poppers are a hit with kids ages 3 and up. Simply turn them inside out, and they "pop" up, creating a delightful surprise. Use them in a panda-themed game where participants try to pop the pandas into a designated target or container. These poppers are sure to bring laughter and joy to your celebration.

Bendy Pandas Toy (Bag of 24)

Get creative and have some bending fun with our Bendy Pandas bag of 24. These 4" bendable pandas are perfect for ages 3 and up. They have a wire inside that allows you to shape their arms, legs, and body. Use them as party favors or incorporate them into a crafting station, where kids can create their own panda poses. These bendy pandas are sure to be a hit with your young partygoers.

Trembling Pandas Toy (Bag of 24)

Add a touch of excitement to your panda party with our Trembling Pandas bag of 24. These 2" pandas, when you pull the cord, vibrate and create a rolling or waddling gate typical of pandas. Use them as part of a panda-themed race, where participants have to make their pandas move the fastest. This unique activity is suitable for ages 3 and up and will add a dynamic element to your party.

Panda Party Assortment Party Favor (Pack of 72)

Make party planning a breeze with our Panda Party Assortment pack of 72. With 72 pieces in the assortment, you can make 8 goodie bags, each containing 8 items. This convenient assortment is perfect for guests of all ages (3 yrs. +) and includes a variety of panda-themed goodies. Use these assortments as party favors, and you'll have your guests leaving with smiles and panda-themed treasures.

Panda Plush Toy (1 Dozen)

End your panda party on a cuddly note with our Panda Plush toy pack of 12. These adorable plush pandas, measuring 6 1/4" tall, come in three assorted styles. Reward your young guests for a job well done or give these away as coveted prizes during party games. These soft and huggable pandas will surely be cherished keepsakes for your party attendees.

Panda Paper Bags Party Supplies (1 Dozen)

Send your guests home with panda-themed treats and favors in our Panda Paper Bags pack of 12. These bags measure 9.875" T x 5" W x 3.375" D and are made of paper, making them perfect for ages 3 and up. Fill them with panda goodies and hand them out as parting gifts, or use them for a panda-themed craft station where kids can decorate their own panda bags. These bags add a thoughtful touch to your panda party.

We hope these ideas and panda-themed products from inspire you to create a panda party that your guests will remember for years to come. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a special occasion, or just want to have a panda-tastic time, these products are sure to bring smiles and laughter to your party. Shop our Panda Party Theme category for even more panda-themed goodies and make your celebration a roaring success! Don't forget to check out our website for all your party and event needs. Happy panda party planning!